Last week in New York

Yesterday, I got a text, “Becca, I will be mowing your lawn today.” How awesome is that?

This weekend, I leave for Baltimore “for the summer.” I say that because I am coming home in less than two weeks to work on a grant with some other teachers. And then two weeks after that for some medical things and then two weeks after that for professional development. And then the summer is nearly over. What happened to my summer away?

Nonetheless, I am stressed over packing. What do you pack to be away in your own house? Should I leave things there? If I leave things there, I feel like those will be the things I will want to use later in New York. This is the way I think. Maybe I should just pretend I’m going away for two weeks to someplace with a washing machine (at least, one which kind of works). And a television. I bought one last Black Friday thinking I might one day have a house in which to put it. Now I do, although I gave up finding an attractive corner stand. Do people not put their televisions in the corner anymore?

Also, I am attempting to live without cable, so there will just be an Apple TV and a radio and lots of books. This is how I imagine life in a vacation house.

But back to packing, which I should be doing rather than blogging. I am counting on the fact that it will be 95 degrees every day, like the summers I remember. So, maybe lots of t-shirts and one sweater? And a bag of Zabar’s coffee beans. And books. Done.

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  1. As you may know,I have a house here,and one there. After going crazy trying to remember”is it here,or there?” I just furnished both places as if I would be there( or here) all the time.

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