Beige is the color of my true love house

As promised, here are some interior shots of the house. All my exterior ones have the house number. Oops. You’ll just have to envision that part for now.

These are mostly from the first time ever I saw this house. Here’s how it would go: I’d walk around a house and either

a. know right away that I hated it.
b. think it was decent and write something in my notes like “good kitchen!” or “great block!”
c. slowly begin to get excited and once upstairs, having seen the whole thing, start running around taking pictures.

That last one only happened three times and, clearly, this was one of those times.

How could you not buy this house?

The floors look nicer now, because I had them refinished, but otherwise, it looks much the same now, except with some stuff in it. This was in the middle of January, maybe the darkest month of the year. And you get a slight glimpse of the forest beyond.

Stairs. Glad I could help with that.

I am a sucker for stairs like these. When I was looking and I saw carpeted stairs in a house, I’d think, “Ugh, I’ll have to de-carpet the stairs and who knows what they look like underneath?”

Two thirds of the kitchen. There’s a pantry to the left.

This is the kitchen. One day, I’ll replace it. For now, there are some vague plans. Did I mention beige? Also, why is there that space between the upper cabinet and the microwave? Why is the microwave outlet so in your face? And that’s the only outlet on that side of the kitchen. Someone was in a rush and/or didn’t care too much. But I care, little kitchen, I care.

When I was looking, a galley kitchen was often a deal-breaker. I have one in NY and wanted a real one. But this house had everything else so I gave in.

That’s all she wrote about the Dining Room.

I don’t know why I didn’t take a better picture of the dining room. Maybe later. You can see the French doors to the backyard, though, which are awesome, and the door to the basement which constantly swings open, probably because there is no knob.

That’s my bag in the shot, with my Giant Sheaf of House Notes.

Better view of entry to Dining Room. I like to capitalize Dining Room.

And more French doors.

Upstairs landing and hallway.

I love that there’s a window there. There are windows everywhere.

Master bedroom

Second bedroom

Third bedroom, where the child you don’t like as much goes.

View to Master and Bath

Bathroom, wooden toilet seat cover already changed.

And there you are! I think it was renovated six or so years ago. You know how I figure that out? I look inside the microwave to see when it was made. Usually, it ships and is installed that year. I can’t remember the exact date but it was something like that. And also the online listings for the house. There are two still online and they both look mostly like this. The bathroom was redone more recently and not all that well. But it’s pretty and can be fixed.

There is a cute backyard with a deck and a shed but there are no good pictures of that, either. As a kid, I did not spend a lot of time in the backyard as ours was small and I, well, liked to watch TV. So I wasn’t all that interested in this one and did not take pics. But I will, eventually.

As an aside, I am so happy to have this nice flexible theme which can accomodate all the pictures I could want. The theme on my old blog wasn’t made for that. It’s the little things.

More on decoration plans to come. Did I mention I do not like beige?

8 thoughts on “Beige is the color of my true love house

  1. You’re right, this is a great theme. Except there’s one thing that seems a little, I dunno, not quite “you.” The colors, maybe? I know monitors can be different, but this theme does seem a little . . . beige.

  2. It looks like a great house. Like you, I love all the windows. I also like that you have some trees. It is very beige though. 🙂

  3. If you make me stay in the third bedroom, I’ll know what you really think of me!

    If you need help de-beiging it, let me know. I’m an excellent painter.

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