Come up and see me some time

So, finally, here are the guest rooms! But with the same beige paint. This will change next week, but I did just want you to see the furniture and bedding.


This is the 3rd bedroom and I decided to go… red. You know why? because I would never decorate my own bedroom in red and I am so delighted to have another, that I figured I would go that way. It was originally supposed to have a black dresser but there was no room. So it’s… very red. And although those reds look different on my monitor at least, they are nearly identical in real life. But I’m still not decided on that rug. And the walls will be gray and the duvet covers (you can just see them there on the nightstand) are gray and white. I imagined it kind of like an Interpol record. It’s the only non-soothing room in the house, but I do find Interpol kind of soothing.


Then there is what I call the Princess Room, except if you’re a man and then you’ll get different sheets and it will be called the Royal Room. Or something. Those lamps cast a purple glow; you may want to use the real light when you read.

The room will be a soft green.


That dresser is actually from the kids’ line at Ikea, but who needs a regulation height and width dresser in a guest room? I didn’t want to block the window and it seemed too much to have it across from the bed. But if you decide to move in, I could do it.

So there you go, and hopefully the next post will have photos of the park in full Autumn Colors. My neighbors say it’s really beautiful, but Fall is the one season I have not yet seen there, so stay tuned.

In other news, I think I mentioned (maybe?) that I was able to get a spot in a parking lot near Penn Station. I leave my car there when I go back to NY and the employees there are just as baffled by me and my situation as my neighbors are (wait, you live in another city? and you’re here on weekends?). But there is this one guy there who makes me feel (deservedly) like the stupidest driver ever. Each time I pull out, he has something to chide me about, since there are cameras everywhere (which is a good thing in a garage – said the person whose fender was bashed in while parked in an unattended lot). “Don’t go the wrong way, even to turn around. Use the pass-through.” Or “You need to go up to the second level if you want to go out the side exit.” I was not even really clear what a pass-through was when I first parked there.

Making this all worse is that usually, when I am picking up the car, it has been 8-10 days since I last drove and I completely forget what I am doing. I’m sure all the people there for the opening of the BSO the other week were amused to see me have to do 25 maneuvers to get out of my spot. But, well, I am always happy to see my little Honda and I like to think it is happy to see me. “Wait, you live in another city?” I imagine it saying. “And you only come here on weekends?”

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  1. Oooooh, pretty! I get dibs on the Red Room. The Princess Room is really nice too. We’ll be there Aug. 8-10, when the Cardinals are at the Orioles 🙂 Maybe before that too.

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