Furniture arriving this weekend!

Some of it, anyway. All the beds and then some other master bedroom furniture. There will be no pictures, unless you like those flat-packed cardboard boxes from Ikea. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to put things together because Mo and I are looking for paint colors, too. Mo is my friend/decorator/person who knows how to light the hot water heater. She has very different taste than I do but listens to what I want and sometimes does it. No, I kid, it’s all stuff I like and want.

Two weeks ago when I was down there I maneuvered twelve large Ikea boxes onto two carts and actually got them to the checkout and subsequently the delivery counter. Soon they’ll actually be in the house.

I’ll be heading down right after work tomorrow. No car rental this time, so, people of Baltimore, it’s safe to get back on the roads.

5 thoughts on “Furniture arriving this weekend!

  1. Sometimes I do what you want. I never do anything you DON’T want, how’s that? Sometimes I just show you things you never knew you wanted!

    I shoulda been in sales.

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