Happy anniversary to me!

It’s been six months since I closed on my little house, and I could not be happier. Well, I could be happier if I got to spend more time there and less money, but we can’t have everything. I actually discovered my anniversary because I was sitting with columns of numbers on my spreadsheet trying to figure out how to spend less when I noticed the date. So, hurrah! Orange and black confetti for everyone!

I have begun booking my travel earlier to try to save a few bucks but I still can’t really make Thanksgiving work. However, I am booked for every second weekend pretty much through early November. Did you know? You can save the $1 transaction fee on BoltBus by booking lots of trips at once (it’s per transaction, not per ticket)? The experience of being stuck in traffic for hours on the New Jersey Turnpike on a Sunday afternoon, however, remains the same. They really need to move Baltimore closer or invent faster buses. See? I told you I could be happier.