How soon is mow?

This is a long stretch for me not being at the house: three weeks. So I am a little antsy. But that’s not to say I’m not doing anything. Specifically, I am still mulling over the grass, which is really weeds with some grass in it right now. I called two places, at polar ends of the spectrum. One’s website used hilarious malapropisms and has been in business “since 2012!” The other advertised the owner’s degrees in agronomy, and only covers the “better” areas of the city (I was shocked that included my zip code but I am not complaining). The first one didn’t call me back. The second, it turns out, doesn’t mow. They just treat. And not only that, they won’t treat until you mow. Their estimate (they visited while I was in NY and then scanned the report and emailed me) outlined the extensive work they felt needed to be done. As I read it, I felt, vaguely, like my lawn was being insulted.

Thus, I have a feeling I will soon be seeing this in my life. If you knew how steep the angle of my front lawn is, you would be laughing even harder than you are right now.

3 thoughts on “How soon is mow?

  1. Once you get there in the summer this will be so much easier. We moved last year…I tried a couple of lawn services.. They were not dependable or too expensive.

    I talked with a few of my neighbors and ended up with a neighborhood kid doing the yard. He’s much cheaper and dependable.

    Much luck to you!

  2. Thanks! I hoped for a neighborhood kid but most families on the street have been there thirty years or so and their kids are grown. But maybe I will find one.

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