I’ll be back!

The other night, I couldn’t fall asleep because of sirens and a constantly circling Foxtrot helicopter. In New York, I can’t see or recognize sounds coming from the air but here it’s easy. And it was so close and so relentless that I began to wonder if there was a fugitive hiding out in my house. Naturally, I checked Twitter and saw that the Baltimore Police were reporting a murder about seven blocks from me.

My niece and I were talking about this just last week, how in this city there are no buffer zones and you will have a great street right next to a scary-terrible block. And earlier that very day, my neighbor and I were talking about what am amazing block this is and how many people who grew up here ended up buying homes and moving back with their families. It was a strange juxtaposition.

But in packing up to leave, I’d like to focus on the awesome stuff, which I’ve described so much that I won’t re-hash. Instead, I’ll post this picture of just some of the delights of Baltimore which I will miss. Mmmm.


PS, I swear paint colors are coming soon; I’ve just been enjoying the weather too much!

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