Oh my gosh, it’s been quite the last part of the weekend. Here’s how it happens: you dilly-dally the whole summer away, relaxing on the deck, or inside with the air-conditioning, or at the ice cream shop, and your rooms sit unfurnished and who cares? But then… then someone comes to visit and they have children and you don’t know them so well and so you can’t say, “so sorry there’s just a bed in this room. I can’t decide on the rest and there is ice cream to be had.” And their children need a room, too, so you can’t say, “eh, that small room will be the staging room for the other rooms.”

So this weekend, push came to shove, and I went back to Ikea and Lowe’s and Michael’s and I started racking up the kinds of bills I did at the beginning of the summer. And then I built all the furniture and made all the beds with the new bedding and actually put the recycling out and scrubbed the tub and even bought a rug, which is like crazy because decor is a whole new level. But it looks amazing! And here is my usual apology about no pictures and this time I really mean it because everything just looked so, so good. Things actually work and look nice. Now, it’s not painted yet but I decided to push that till after this guest weekend because no one wants to stay at a house that is a construction zone. So that will be the end of this month. And this month means October, because I am forward-thinking.

And the reason why I am so disappointed about not taking pictures is that I’ll be arriving when the light is already gone and then my guests are arriving at the same time, so I won’t be able to get a fresh picture in the daylight. So it might be several weeks before I get a good shot. Sorry!

I think there is just one last color choice to be made, and let me tell you, after this weekend, I don’t have the energy to link to anything, so I’ll just say, Titanium or November Rain. And I don’t know how they name these things but they both look really good. Maybe later this week I’ll actually be refreshed enough to make that a more visual choice.

But in the meantime, even though more decor still needs to happen, I can now say that every piece of furniture upstairs and maybe even downstairs is built! The only thing left is to wait for some living room pieces from my Dad’s place which need to be transported down to Maryland and one of them needs to wait till his apartment sells. But hey, if you are driving a minivan down anytime in the future, please see me after class.