Spring has sprung, the beds have riz

Sorry for the delayed update on the weekend’s efforts but I was utterly exhausted, plus, you know, life. But Mo and I got tons done, including putting together two beds (woot, no more “floor back” pain), setting up the alarm system (don’t rob my house, please), and painting several squares of paint on walls (I do not think any are going to work out, alas).

I had lots I wanted to write, but it mostly escapes me now. I did want to show you this:

Hey look, it’s spring! And this is my tree!

Apropos of that, my lawn is becoming a jungle. A truck drove around and a nice man handed me a card that said he did landscaping, but I am not sure this is the way to go. I need help. Botanical help. I have decided to think about this later.

Also, my mail carrier’s name is Oprah. Everybody wins some mail! Actually, she told me cheerfully that the neighborhood was great! Except for all those robberies. But she thinks they’re over because she hasn’t seen the guy who did them around lately. So… yeah.

But anyway, I believe the entire bed-building process can be well summed up with this:

Which I interpret to mean, “One person looking at a pile of crap alone is confused. Two people looking at a pile of crap are happy. Especially the guy with the pencil.” SO wise, Ikea.