Stunningly beautiful Baltimore, MD

Ah, vacation. Today I saw a matinee at the Charles Theater, an art house in which I haven’t set foot since the first Bush administration. New discovery: you can park across the street for $2! The title of this post is how the Charles describes their location on their website, which I find awesome.

Not much more to report, except a bit more furniture. I can finally see my TV at eye level! Some of the newscasters on local TV are the same ones from twenty years, which amazes me.

You may have heard there is a lot of violence this summer in Baltimore, and there has been. And that it is a dangerous city, which it is. But it’s also a very segregated city both by race and by class. In most of the city, you would not even know that this other Baltimore exists. And maybe vice versa, I don’t know. It’s an odd thing.

I worked hard to find a neighborhood that was integrated and mine is. It is also quiet and friendly and tight-knit. But I still have a good alarm system. I set it off accidentally more than I should, but it is good. And I still think the city is stunningly beautiful.

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  1. I went to the Charles theater a few times and enjoyed myself. I haven’t been there in a while because the last Independent film I saw left me with a heavy ‘spirit’. I’m more selective of which films I go see now. Thanks for the parking tip!

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