The sound of rain on the roof

Above my head is something I have not heard in many years. It’s amazing.

Another Friday evening, another Friday evening rainstorm. It seems to start at the very moment the BoltBus pulls up to the station, which is invariably an hour after it is supposed to. But you can’t beat the price, or at least the train can’t.

On the agenda this weekend: finishing the alarm system, the Ikea kitchen sale, more paint colors, and maybe a car test drive. Also, an Orioles game. I pulled out my O’s hat from when Camden Yards opened and they gave them to Harbor retail workers for free. But you know, cap styles have changed a bit in twenty years. It looks a little comical. Add to the agenda: new O’s hat.

3 thoughts on “The sound of rain on the roof

  1. This is unrelated to any specific post. I just wanted to say I love this site. I love that you’re sharing this experience. Thank you.

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