Two years and counting (I made it through the snow edition)

It’s my housaversary! Two years ago today, I closed on this house and it’s still such a joy to me. It’s easy to remember the Ides of March and so when I saw it mentioned somewhere today, I instantly remembered sitting in the nondescript office park, signing a hundred forms late on a Friday afternoon. And before that, the difficult time we had getting the bank (the seller) to get it together to actually close. It was all worth it.

I’m on Spring Break, just as I was then, and here enjoying the house for two full weeks. I’m writing this at about the time I usually leave for the train back to NY on Sunday afternoons so it’s a particularly sweet feeling to still be here, relaxing. Last year, it snowed over break but this year that doesn’t seem likely. Still, it’s been quite the winter and the last two weekends before this one were pretty hairy.

Two weeks ago, there was an ice storm on the Sunday, leading to a two day long worryfest about how I would get home. Normally, I won’t drive at all in wintry mix, but I had to get to the station somehow. Somehow meant crawling along, gripping the wheel, and hoping for the best. I made it downtown alive, so I suppose the best did happen. But the whole weekend was ruined being stressed about the weather. Later that week there was a heavy snowstorm, so the ice on the ground melted and re-froze and then became covered with seven inches of snow. I couldn’t get anyone to shovel, and so I arrived on Friday near sunset and immediately set to trying to get through some of it with several different shovels. Oh, and parking on my street was a kind of nightmare. Not to mention, city services have been disturbed, so I have all kinds of stuff piling up.

But that is mostly a memory. This weekend there has been rain and wind, but the sun is out, the snow is gone, and it’s supposed to be beautiful this week. Good omen for year three, I hope, and at the very least, I think I will get to enjoy these next two weeks a little more. Maybe I’ll even get out to the deck to read the three (yes, three… I came with high hopes) books I brought with me. Thanks for sharing the last couple of years with me!

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