Housaversary check in

I got an email today that my domain had renewed which means I’ve had this blog for a year. But I sort of knew that because I knew I had closed a year ago (well, that was actually two weeks ago, but I knew it then). So it seems as good as time as any to say what is pretty apparent: the set-up of my house is mostly done and now I just kind of live there. And while it’s still novel and awesome to me, I am kind of done with what I can say about that. So there won’t be too many posts although there will still be some, especially this summer. I had a blast spending Spring Break at the house these last two weeks. I saw and hosted friends, visited museums, relaxed, and shoveled lots of snow. That last part was unexpected and less awesome. But it was still great and I plan on being there most weekends between now and summer. I am considering having a little housewarming at some point but haven’t really decided. It’s just great to not be surrounded by paint chips or on a first name basis with the people at Ikea.

Although, I did get a new TV stand as well as a new TV (it was the other way around, duh). Many people have giant TV’s but I’ve never sat far enough away that it mattered. So I brought down a 26″ set and then I had to squint to pick my Netflix movies and when the texts came on House of Cards, I had to get off the sofa to read them. Now I have a 40″ model, which is still small for America but wow, is that thing big for me! I could get used to it.

Anyway, that’s the update, and once again, the Little House in Baltimore welcomes visitors and I invite any of my non-axe-murderer readers to come on down and visit beautiful Baltimore. We have crabs, Hamsterdam, the Inner Harbor, rowhouses, and really bad accents. Not me, although I can understand them, so there’s that.

And if you can’t visit, I will still post now and then. Here’s to the end of snow and the beginning of baseball!

2 thoughts on “Housaversary check in

  1. A year! Thanks for taking me on your journey, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog and look forward to future ones.

    Congratulations on your lovely home!

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